Study Group

Sacred Texts Study Group

The Sacred Texts Study Group examines selected ancient writings.  We meet to discuss interpretations and explore questions in support of individual spiritual practice.

In the Spirit of our Patron

Naming this group for Thomas the Twin embraces mystery and the esoteric as defining elements of our pursuits . . .

  • Those who know Thomas as he appears in the Gospel of John, interrogating the very resurrection itself and ultimately accepting the risen Christ, know something of our approach to spirituality. 
  • Those who know the sayings of the living Jesus written down by Didymos Judas Thomas, their text requiring study and meditation or else their power be lost to obscurity, know something of our preference for scripture. 
  • Those who know the legends about the journey of Thomas to the East, captured by texts that exist beyond orthodox narratives, know something of our willingness to tangle and untangle history, myth, and symbol.

Join the Discussion

Meetings are currently held every other week via zoom. Please contact the discussion leader for details. Most texts are available online in more-or-less acceptable translations, and many are short enough that they may be read aloud at the meeting.

Discussion Leader

Paul Dee Fecteau founded Thomas the Twin Narthex and launched the Sacred Texts Study Group. His spiritual practice focuses on interpreting the metaphors of the divine that surround us daily.  His academic background often comes into play: he earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Wichita State and spent over a dozen years teaching college literature and writing courses. He has also worked as an investigator, both as government contractor and as a private detective licensed in Kansas.  He writes the column “Tarot in the Aisles” for Vautrin magazine and occasionally publishes fiction and criticism in obscure journals.